5th Southern African Multidisciplinary ADHD Congress

4 - 7 September 2024

This year’s theme, “Transitioning“, reflects the many challenges individuals with ADHD face across different life stages: moving from preschool to primary school, navigating academic and work environments, and transitioning into stages like motherhood and retirement.

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With great pride in our past achievement and a renewed commitment to the future, we warmly invite you to the 5th Southern African Multidisciplinary ADHD Congress.  This year, we embrace the theme “Transitioning”, reflecting the myriad challenges individuals with ADHD encounter throughout their lives – from transitioning from preschool to primary school, from academic environments to the workplace, and into stages such as motherhood and retirement!

Our congresses have consistently provided a vibrant forum for more than 300 delegates year on year, from numerous countries and numerous disciplines, promoting a rich exchange among the brightest minds in psychiatry, psychology, paediatrics, neurology, education, occupational therapy, and so forth. In addition to the rich exchange of expertise, these congresses have also fostered ongoing collaborations in addressing ADHD across the lifespan. As we continue to build on this foundation, this year’s virtual congress aims to broaden our reach and deepen our impact.

Leveraging state-of -the art technology and robust support from the University of Stellenbosch Business School, we are set to offer an interactive platform that transcends geographical boundaries – making it possible for more practitioners and academics to contribute to and benefit from our collective knowledge.

We believe this congress is pivotal not just for enhancing professional knowledge, but also for catalysing real-world impact on the understanding and management of ADHD. Make sure to register timeously! Detailed instructions for virtual attendance will be provided.

We are eager to welcome you to what promise to be another milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance the lives of those affected by ADHD.

Warm regards

Prof Renata Schoeman


Prof Renata Schoeman

Scientific Committee

Dr Merryn Young
Dr Nerica Ramsundhar
Mrs Gina Rencken

Congress Organisers

Londocor Event Management
Marida Kroukramp
Cell: +27 84 903 5102
E-mail: marida@londocor.co.za

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